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CBD Cigarettes Kick the Nicotine Habit

Stop Smoking

Quitting cigarettes can be an overwhelming task. Nicotine is an addictive drug that remains in the body for a significant period of time. Smokers tend to procrastinate in starting the process to quit due to strong withdrawal symptoms. Health experts state that several attempts are sometimes required in order to successfully quit smoking cigarettes. More importantly, nicotine can cause serious illness, including heart disease and cancer. The physical and mental difficulties involved in nicotine withdrawal can be greatly relieved by CBD cigarettes. Cannabidiol is a natural alternative that can be found in hemp cigarettes, pre-rolls, and hempettes. Studies have shown that these herbal alternatives can be effective and affordable cessation methods.

These hemp products can serve as a treatment for side effects of nicotine withdrawal while providing relaxation and reducing anxiety. Research shows that CBD pre-rolls help individuals quit smoking in a safe, less painful manner. Pre-rolls with the appearance of regular nicotine cigarettes can also be found to ease the transition process for smokers. Tobacco users must understand that Cannabidiol is healthy, unlike nicotine. Pre-rolls would create an excellent solution when smokers find themselves in certain social situations that may trigger the need for a cigarette. A pre-roll could prevent smokers from being derailed in their attempts at abandoning harmful nicotine.

CBD Benefits

Cannabidiol is proven to maintain a person’s homeostasis and balance, which can contribute to overcoming the triggers to smoke cigarettes. It can reduce elements of Social Anxiety Disorder and help with depression and anxiety. Anti-cancer properties have also been discovered in Cannabidiol, with some enhancement of the inhibitory effects that THC can have on cell proliferation in patients with cancer.

Cannabidiol in higher doses aid in healthy sleep patterns, while small doses help a person concentrate and relax. Health experts claim that smokers who use CBD cigarettes are 50% less likely to return to the use of nicotine and can activate the dopamine receptors in the body. This results in the “bliss” molecule being stimulated and a person feeling a sense of euphoria.

Inhaling nicotine causes an immediate effect in the brain, leading to the sensation of happiness and relaxation. Unfortunately, the brain becomes accustomed and releases dopamine only when the body inhales nicotine. This is why quitting is so difficult and contributes to bouts of depression and irritability. In sum, Cannabidiol may be the safest alternative to smoking cigarettes due to the non-intoxicating compound and the potential for health benefits. It has been widely established that Cannabidiol is non-addictive and relieves a variety of maladies such as insomnia, stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

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